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No more Lynch


The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette recently dropped Pat Lynch from its op-ed columnists lineup. His last weekly contribution appeared on Monday.

Lynch was frequently a progressive voice in a space not distinguished by many. He'll surely continue to fulminate on his blog and on his weekly appearance on Channel 4 opposite conservative commentator Bill Vickery.

Lynch tells us the split was as amicable as could be expected.

"I am not angry with [Editorial Page Editor] Paul [Greenberg] or anybody else," Lynch said in an e-mail.

Greenberg said Lynch's column had been "discontinued," and that word of any replacement would be shared with Democrat-Gazette readers first.

"That's our policy," Greenberg said. "We let our readers know first. From time to time we change columnists. This is about the second or third time that Pat has rotated off. But that's how we work. Our readers should always be the first to know."

When asked about what Lynch's departure would mean for the ideological balance of that section, Greenberg said that as editor he tries to maintain a balance.

"It is a concern," he said. "We have a couple of columnists, notably Gene Lyons, who could be said to be reliably on the left. We try to maintain some balance on the editorial page which is why we run Paul Krugman once a week, I think."

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