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No entitlement cuts

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No entitlement cuts

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have protected millions of Americans and have contributed to the stability of our families and our communities. I cannot sit idly by while Washington proposes cuts to these important programs while ignoring the call of middle class Americans to find other ways to cut the deficit. We paid for these programs with every paycheck of our working lives. Why should they be targeted while tax cuts for the rich are spared and loopholes for corporations are protected? The Super Committee continues to meet in secret and has made no promise that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will be spared. I urge my fellow citizens to contact their representatives and demand no cuts.

Keith Runion

Little Rock


Thanks for running the Best of Arkansas Lawyers; it was nice to see something positive about lawyers. I was flattered to be included at all, but I was listed in only one of two categories. As the Times is my favorite local media seeing my name was a treat.

Junius Bracy Cross Jr.

Little Rock

To Darr

An open letter to Lt. Gov. Mark A. Darr:

In your to your news release "A Little Perspective on Occupy Wall Street," you made the assumption that this protest movement is an anti-capitalist protest. This shows that you are poorly informed and have not done your research. As a member of the protest movement Occupy Little Rock and a small business owner, I am not anti-capitalist in the least bit.

Capitalism is the backbone of our economy in which I fully participate and support. Capitalism is the foundation of the American Dream where all people have the opportunity for success and prosperity that I fully embrace.

I am not protesting capitalism. I am protesting the corruption of our capitalist system. I am protesting the corporate welfare rampant in our country where multi-billion dollar companies pay no taxes while average, hard working, middle class citizens like myself struggles to pay their taxes and raise their families. Additionally, I am protesting corporate bailouts. Bailouts have no place in a true free market system and should have never been allowed.

I am protesting the corruption of our government. The Supreme Court ruling of Citizens United v. FEC allowed the wholesale auctioning of our government officials to the highest corporate and special interest group bidder. Corporations and special interest groups are not people and therefore should not be entitled to constitutional protection. Additionally, money is not free speech and has no rights to protection either.

You wrote that class warfare is the theme of the protest. You are wrong and ill informed once again. We are all part of one society — the American society. As such, we want equal representation in our government. We want that equality reflected in the legislation and regulations that are written for the benefit of all Americans and not just for the benefit of the highest bidder.

I have joined Occupy Little Rock to protest all of the problems we face so that our country can continue to be a great one. As a proud and loyal American, I see it as my civic responsibility to speak out against the corruption of our government and capitalist system.

While you may choose to see our protests as non-productive, I strongly disagree with you. We are drawing attention to the government and capitalist corruption that we protest. We are giving the silent majority the courage to find their voice on the problems that our country faces. We are laying the foundation for meaningful and productive improvements to our government and capitalist system. By being vocal and visible, we are creating the social pressure necessary for change.

I am disappointed in your attempt to paint us in an unfavorable light. It only strengthens my resolve to continue these protests so that other misinformed people such as you might better understand why we are here and what we hope to accomplish.

Carol Maxine Havener


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On Crystal Bridges opening day

Have you ever visited a museum — almost any museum or concert hall or similar — in Europe? They are mostly palaces built by aristocrats of old that have passed into public ownership when monarchy was abolished.

Same thing here. Well almost. America is really not that different from a traditional aristocratic society. Alice Walton is in some respects an enlightened ruler, herself opening up some of her palaces to the commoners. But in the long run, feudalism will be abolished even on this side of the Atlantic.


We should never put down philanthropy, regardless of the source. Andrew Carnegie was one of the most vicious robber barons of his era, but he endowed libraries all over the country. My little hometown had one, and that is where I first learned to appreciate books, and the knowledge that was contained therein. I'm not an art lover; don't know anything about it, but Crystal Bridges can only be good for the community. It will allow students in Northwest Arkansas to experience art that previously was only available in the great cities of the nation. As ignorant about art as I am, I still remember how awed I was when I visited the National Museum in Washington, D.C.



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