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Nichols v. Carll


9 p.m., White Water Tavern. $14.

One of the great challenges of this occupation is coming up with something fresh to say about Lucero, a Lucero-related act, or a group that sounds like Lucero every other week. It's getting a bit ridiculous, folks. At the beginning of the new year we'll publicly announce our frivolous antitrust lawsuit against the band members for their stranglehold on the local music scene. In the meantime, warm up your hollerin' voice and take a visit to White Water for the obligatory sing-a-long. The Friday night Lucero show is sold out, but a second night — featuring Lucero lead-man Ben Nichols, singer-songwriter Cory Branan, Lucero keyboardist Rick Steff and pedal-steel player Todd Beene — has been added in order to temporarily sate the city's unquenchable thirst for twang rock. Tickets will be limited to 125. JW.

8 p.m., Revolution. $10.

What's a roots-rock-loving Hendrix alum to do? While Ben Nichols plies rough-hewn songs of drink and women across town at White Water, Hendrix' other alt-country hero offers his take on the Great American Songwriting Themes at Revolution. Hayes Carll returns to what's more or less become his adopted hometown as part of his short year-end tour, or as he's calling it, “End of the Year Rock 'n' Roll Jamboree and Toga Party.” The Texas native comes to town riding high. Stephen King named Carll's “Down the Road Tonight” his second favorite song of the year in his Entertainment Weekly column. The singer/songwriter also comes fresh from the recording studio, where he's working on an album due on esteemed indie Lost Highway in March of next year. He's sure to preview at least a couple tracks for Little Rock. LM.

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