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Next movie



Next movie

Craig and Brent Renaud, Little Rock's famous documentarians, have a project in the works that's a natural followup to “Off to War,” their award-winning depiction of Arkansas citizen soldiers in Iraq. Craig Renaud has been in Washington this week working on the project about wounded war vets who are competing in the Paralympic Games for disabled athletes. A meeting with the president could be part of the project. The film hasn't been sold yet, but ESPN is one potential outlet, we understand.


Looking ahead

The Arkansas House of Representatives has not yet formally seated Rep. Robbie Wills of Conway as the House speaker for the 2009 session. But campaigning is already underway for House leadership in 2011. Our sources say a leading candidate is state Rep. Robert S. Moore Jr. of Arkansas City, the former director of state Alcoholic Beverage Control. His family's political roots are long and deep. The whisper at last week's Democratic State Committee meeting was that Moore was getting a good early reception.


Never too early

Another early warning, this one for 2010 elections: Jay Barth, associate professor of politics at Hendrix College, tells us that he is “seriously considering” running for Arkansas Senate in 2010. The Pulaski County seat is currently held by Sen. Tracy Steele, who is term-limited. Barth, like Steele, is a Democrat.


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