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New find on Restless Legs Syndrome



Press Release

Arkansas Restless Legs Syndrome Support Group

The Arkansas Restless Legs Support Group, an all volunteer, self help support group, will present Dr. Paul Wylie, Director of the Arkansas Center for Sleep Medicine in a free, public meeting to be held on July 8, Room 3 (right next to the cafeteria), at the Gilbreath Conference Center of the Arkansas Baptist Health Center-Little Rock (west on Interstate 630, south on John Barrow Rd., west 2 blocks on Kanis Rd.). Dr. Wylie will present the latest worldwide research on the causes and treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome. Dr. Wylie is certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is Arkansas’s longest practicing full time sleep specialist. All who are interested in RLS are encouraged to attend.

Dr. Wylie has just returned from the International Conference on Sleep Medicine held in Salt Lake City in June armed with fresh information on research from around the world on various sleep disorders. He will also discuss the findings of Dr. Bill Ondo, a recognized expert in the treatment of Restless Legs from Baylor University. Dr. Ondo’s research points to a new cause for this disease. Also, on-going clinical trials, and a newly FDA approved drug for RLS will be discussed. The presentation will be followed by a question and answer period. Meeting duration: about an hour.

This program is the second in a four part series on various aspects of RLS and related sleep disorders. The first session on April 8 concerned the relationship between sleep disorders and depression. The third and fourth sessions, coming up October 14, 2006 and Jan 13, 2007, will cover childhood and adolescent sleep disorders. Many behavioral and learning disorders that some young people present can be directly attributed to sleep deprivation. Call Ben Salewski at 223-9780 for further information and details.

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