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Music to move your feet to

Post-Travs game, Dickey-Stephens Park. $6-$10 park admission.

The Travs saved the best for last in its Corona/Dos Equis Concert Series. Immediately following Saturday's game, all ticket holders will be treated to a concert by the Lee Boys, a group whose sacred steel rave-ups have made it a favorite in the jam band scene. The six-piece represents the fourth generation of a strange strain of gospel that came out of the House of God Church in southern Florida in the 1930s. It borrows equally from the Hawaiian steel guitar tradition, the driving beat of the blues and the fervor of gospel. It's music the Lee Boys — that's Alvin Lee on guitar, Derek Lee and Keith Lee (vocals) and their nephews Roosevelt “The Doctor” Collier on pedal steel, Earl Walker on drums and Alvin Gordy on bass — learned from family. Uncles, brothers, grandfathers. In fact, the Lees grew up under the guidance of their preaching and steel-guitar-playing grandfather, Rev. Robert E. Lee. He taught them it was music to move your feet to, and you better believe the Lee Boys will be doing some teaching of their own on Saturday, too.

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