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7 p.m., Dickey-Stephens Park. $30 adv., $35 d.o.e.

The organizers call this “Arkansas' Largest Crawfish Boil.” I think they're underestimating the extent of this annual Bacchanalian. It's a celebration of excess, with unlimited crawfish and lakes of beer. (They went through 86 kegs last year.) And, as all good Southerners know, both crawfish and beer are made to be ravenously devoured, preferably on weekend summer nights. If all that excess bothers your conscience, tell yourself you're gorging for good reason: Organizers are aiming to raise $70,000 to go towards two top-of-the-line incubator beds for Baptist Health's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. If you think you have the stomach (and the thumbs) for charity, go for it. Also, take it from someone who's seen good friends succumb too early: Never, ever underestimate the volatility of keg beer and hillbilly lobster. Fayetteville's '80s-flavored Boom Kinetic and North Little Rock's melodic Brian Nahlen Band provide music.

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