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Mother-child reunion



Mother-child reunion

Ashley Moore of Little Rock, who lost custody of her foster child after she left him in a car in her daycare's driveway, may finally be getting the boy back.

Juvenile judges and the lawyers who represent children in the state's care are not allowed to comment on cases, but the Times hears that the state Department of Human Services may return Kaiden Greer, 21 months, to Moore if she agrees to certain conditions.

In February, a carjacker stole Moore's car, with Kaiden in it, when Moore went into the Children's House Montessori School in Hillcrest to pick up her daughter. The car was found a few blocks away with Kaiden still inside. Police charged Moore with child endangerment but later dropped the charges.

Moore had fostered Kaiden since he was a day old. He's been with a different foster family since the incident.


Snyder WILL run

Like some folks in town, he's heard he's returning home for a “lucrative” appointment at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He's also heard he's returning home for a joint appointment to Arkansas Children's Hospital and the Clinton School of Public Service.

But U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder says neither hot rumor is true. Snyder told the Times last week that he intends to run for re-election from the 2nd District. The fact that Snyder and his wife, Betsy, just had triplets makes the rumors credible, but the Democrat said “I don't know how I can be more emphatic” that whispers he's changing jobs aren't true. “The only discussion I've had with UAMS,” Snyder said, “is how to file insurance for all the bills we ran up there.” What job would he consider, if not returning to D.C.? “I'd like to be the lead singer for the Rolling Stones,” Snyder said.


No gays for GOP

What's wrong with the Democratic Party in Arkansas? It's sent a lesbian to the legislature, GOP head Doyle Webb has been telling the faithful at Lincoln Day dinners this spring.

We broke this story on the Arkansas Blog last week and it has since received wide attention, but it merits attention in our own pages, along with a highlight of Webb's forked tongue.

Webb told the Times his remarks were inspired by the fact that homosexuality “is not a traditional value” and that the Republican Party is the party of “family values” and “the Ten Commandments.” Webb also told the Times Arkansas Blog that he didn't recall warning that the lesbian — state Rep. Kathy Webb— might one day be in charge of the state's budget.

But make that nine commandments: Webb acknowledged in an article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette the day after he spoke to the Times that he had in fact spoken of his concerns that the gay legislator could, as chair of the Joint Budget Committee, advance a gay agenda in Arkansas.

In response, Kathy Webb says that here is what the state should know about her: 1. She is a church-going, community-serving Democrat. 2. The daughter of a Methodist minister, Webb takes to heart the commandment that we should love our neighbor as ourselves. 3. She is no relation to Doyle Webb.


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