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Mexican ‘agents’



Mexican ‘agents'

I am Hispanic, I came to the U.S. as a legal immigrant and I am a naturalized U.S. citizen. I am also an activist against illegal immigration. I suppose according to your cover story July 9, that makes me a nativist against immigration in general.

Unfortunately, we still have elected officials in the legislature who have sold their souls to the merchant special interests. These merchants want taxpayer subsidized illegal alien labor and their lackeys, our elected officials, vote against legislature that will end this abuse of taxpayers.

I live in California, ground zero and the welfare state for illegal immigration. Due to district gerrymandering, we have Mexican agents posing as legislators in our state government. According to Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, member of the State Budget Committee, it costs Californians $10.5 billion a year to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens. According to Governor Schwarzenegger, we have a budget deficit of $18 billion.  With the 2010 Census, we will end up with more gerrymandered districts and so will every state in the Union that harbors illegal aliens.

Haydee Pavia

Laguna Woods, Calif.

Who's a jerk?

Would you please tell Assmunch (AKA Bob Lancaster) that if he wants to denigrate a Southern male politician who has betrayed everyone around him, to pick something that relates specifically to men, not women; the term whore-hopper is insulting to women. Isn't there a masculine term equally as demeaning he could have chosen?

Men have ever turned to low feminine terms when they want to throw offensive, contemptuous insults at each other.

Assmunch is a jerk.

Anne Neighbors


(Assmunch replies: Assmunch would point out that there are men who are whores as well as women, and that therefore it is Anne Neighbors who is making the sexist inferences here and not ol' moi. I might also note that a member of either gender can be a jerk, and in this instance the honor goes to her.)

Burger makes news

I was dismayed to see that last week's Times did not devote more space to McDonald's rollout of its new superburger. You gave extensive coverage to the shooting of Nigel Haskett and Mickey Dee's sheepish response to it, but have missed an event that may have more long range effect on the cost of our national health program than anything that has happened since Obama took office. This new burger and many of the other cholesterol- and calorie-laden treats that are being served up by the fast food industry may soon rival tobacco in its cost to our children and grandchildren. The people who dine at McDonald's and other similar eateries seem to be the type that would most likely take advantage of government-sponsored health care services.

There are two obvious solutions which suggest themselves. The first would work for both cholesterol and empty calories as well as for nicotine and tar. The manufacturers should be required to offer a coupon for any disease or disability that results from the use of their product. For example: if a person develops clogged arteries after munching 50,000 or so superburgers, they could redeem their coupons as partial payment for a bypass. The list could go on and on, covering the diseases that are related to obesity, tobacco use, cholesterol, and just poor nutrition in general. No lawsuits; just cash in your coupons.

The second way to solve this problem is to find a better place to eat. I have found that the Chick Fil-A restaurants consistently offer healthy choices served by pleasant people in a clean, quiet atmosphere. The prices seem to be about the same as other fast food. I am not seriously suggesting that turning our collective backs on burger joints that serve up borderline poison will cure our long-range health care problems, but a 50-cent coupon with each dose of cholesterol or pack of cigs might help.

Ralph Hammond

Little Rock

Real Alaskans

I've been to Alaska twice and the folks I met seemed quite rational. Now Sarah Palin says b'bye in the middle of her first term. Very radical approach for a sitting governor.

I used to think that the characters of the fictional town of  Cicely, Alaska, in Northern Exposure were written to be quirky, unpredictable and over the top.

Now, I'm not so sure if the citizens of Cicely didn't display the mindset of some actual Alaskans.

Steve Heye

Little Rock

Traditional values

You have built your pro-Negro publication on the myth of carrying on the traditions of the old Arkansas Gazette, yet not one time did that paper display the courage to come flat out and say they were for integration and race-mixing.

Jim Johnson


Thanks for clean air

Congress took a historic step toward a clean energy economy by passing the American Clean Energy and Security Act. While the dramatic shift we need in our energy policy and the dire scientific predictions regarding global warming demand that we do much more, the first step is always the hardest, and Congress should be applauded for taking it.

I want to especially thank Representative Snyder for voting to pass the landmark legislation. Unfortunately, Representatives Berry and Ross voted against this critical step forward.

According to a new Environment America report, Arkansas is on track to spend as much as $550.4 billion on oil, coal, and other fossil fuels by 2030 — 4 times the total earnings of all American workers in 2007 — unless we take action now to repower with clean energy.

We are calling on Congress to break our dependence on Big Oil and Dirty Coal. The bill now moves to the U.S. Senate. I urge Senators Lincoln and Pryor to strengthen and pass the bill to deliver on the promise that clean energy holds to recharge our economy, put millions of Americans back to work, and protect future generations from global warming.

Sarah Peters

Washington, D.C.

Satan's in power

The big government takeover has to cease and stop. Ever since Satan and his allies, including liberals, claimed power, it's been one bureaucratic scheme after another. Their newest target, health care, is the most dangerous intervention yet. Politicians, special interests and central planners should not come between patients and their doctors. We shouldn't have to wait for Washington to tell us if we can have the treatment we need. We shouldn't have to wait in long lines because hospitals are overrun and doctors are in short supply. But that is what could happen if the Satan/Obama/Pelosi health care plan is allowed to go forward.

Patients must come together now to make sure that our voice is part of the process, before we are silenced in the halls of power in Washington until Judgment Day.

Jacob Green


Curled hair

Catching up in your great newspaper, wouldn't you know I would pick up the one with Silent John Boozman and that face of his that is always so sweet looking.

What really curled my hair was his statement that he wouldn't respond to any questions from the Times because it “isn't fair and balanced like Fox News.” Give me a break. You couldn't pay me enough money to watch Fox News.

Thank you for getting my blood boiling early.

Peggy Wolfe

Heber Springs

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