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May 28-June 3, 2008



May 28-June 3, 2008

It was a good week for …


DIRTY AIR. The Little Rock metro area was rated among the worst in the country for carbon emissions.


The WEST MEMPHIS THREE. A voluminous legal filing detailed still more questions about law enforcement work in the 1994 convictions of three teens in the deaths of three West Memphis children. No wonder the prosecution-friendly judge has gagged lawyers in the case.


SEVERANCE PAY. The state Supreme Court,  in upholding the buyout of Little Rock Superintendent Roy Brooks' contract, made it crystal clear that severance pay deals were constitutional for public school officials.


SAMIA NAWAZ. The Anthony School student tied for fourth in the National Spelling Bee, stumbling on “huapango,” a Mexican dance.



It was a bad week for …


HILLARY CLINTON. She closed as a valiant underdog, but not valiant enough to overcome Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.


The DEMOCRATIC PARTY (if you believe Republicans). The Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, clearly believes Obama is the weaker candidate. All who've had enough of Bush governance (roughly 70 percent of voters) best hope he's wrong.


The DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION. Delayed handling of some sales tax reporting forms — not a decline in retail activity — apparently accounted for shortfalls reported earlier in local sales tax collections in cities and counties throughout Arkansas, but particularly in Pulaski County. Budgets won't be busted after all.


The ARKANSAS TIMES. Last week, we inadvertently placed an item about rising gas prices in the wrong portion of this feature. Of course it was a bad week, not a good one, for truck-lovin', gas-guzzlin', long-commutin' Arkies when $4 gas arrived.

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