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Mason's Deli & Grill


MASON'S DELI & GRILL Once known as a Germanic sort of place, Mason's has added an Italian flair, according to management. You can still get a Reuben or a smoked bratwurst sub, but you can also get an Italian sausage and peppers sub, a cheese steak sub, and bakery desserts including cannoli and chocolate cannoli shell. Be sure you're hungry before you order the cheeseburger; it's huge. At first, we thought the big square bun was too much bread, but considering that it's holding half a pound of ground beef together, maybe not. There are no French fries here, but there are potato chips and bottled soft drinks such as root beer and cream soda. Worth a try. 400 President Clinton Ave. (River Market) 501-376-3354 CC No alcohol L Mon.-Sat.

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