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Make room for Reagan

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Even before his death in 2004, admirers of former President Ronald Reagan were asking that Reagan monuments be erected throughout the nation. A memorial in every one of the more than 1,000 counties in America was the goal at one time.

The campaign seems to have stalled well short of the goal, but we were reminded of it recently by a picture on the Web of a proposed Reagan addition to Mount Rushmore ( Reagan fans say this will eventually come to pass.

Back when the campaign was going in earnest, and there was even talk of Reagan memorials in Arkansas, the Arkansas Times speculated that Reagan's face might be put on the Christ of the Ozarks statue at Eureka Springs, since some Reaganauts seem to think him more deserving than the original honoree. What it would look like is illustrated above.

But we don't expect to see it for real, and we've been unable to locate any Reagan memorials in Arkansas. The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project doesn't list anything for Arkansas on the Web either, though it lists a total of 95 “dedications” in 26 states and nine foreign countries. The dedications include streets, schools, Mount Reagan in New Hampshire, and our favorite, the Ronald Reagan Lounge in John O'Farrell's Pub at Ballyporeen, Ireland.

Much of the honoring of Reagan, including the naming of an airport, has been done at Washington. Even there, some proposals have not come to fruition. Reagan fans want to see his face on American currency and coins — one proposal would kick Franklin Roosevelt off the dime and put Reagan on — but so far it's not happening.

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