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LRHA seeking counsel


The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette classified section on Sunday included a request for applications to serve as special counsel for the Little Rock Housing Authority, to handle an alleged claim of employment discrimination.

A copy on the LRHA website doesn't give many details, other than that the special counsel will be "determining the factual and legal merits of a claim of alleged employment discrimination and reporting factual findings and legal conclusions" to the LRHA board of commissioners.

The request doesn't specificy whether the alleged discrimination is related to race, sex, religion or national origin.

A call to the LRHA for more information was returned by Edward Armstrong, an attorney with the firm of Wright, Lindsey and Jennings, which represents the LRHA.

Armstrong said that because the claim to be investigated involves a personnel matter, he couldn't speak on the actual incident.

He said the LRHA has decided to seek an outside counsel because the claim involves what might be a perceived as a conflict of interest if handled by in-house counsel.

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