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"Logan Bafferty, a 16-year-old high school junior from a suburb outside of Akron, Ohio, was arrested on alleged attempted murder charges for his involvement in a plot to lure men to remote rural areas via a help wanted ad posted on online classified ad site Craigslist, and killing them."

You have not committed a crime, and cannot be arrested, simply because someone has alleged that you were charged with attempted murder. (Though the allegation might damage your reputation a bit.) In the interest of shielding themselves from lawsuits, the news media often overdo the "alleged" thing. A formal charge is itself a kind of allegation, one that still must be proved. Bafferty was arrested on attempted murder charges, not "alleged" attempted murder charges.

Police run amuck:

While we're on the crime-and-alleged beat, John Wesley Hall was taken aback by this headline: "Police kill Fla. man after allegedly eating another's face." Face-eating police are even scarier than flesh-eating bacteria.

"The two largest urban regions in Arkansas have partnered with the Arkansas Film Commission to create the Arkansas Production Alliance (arfilm), to keep, attract and grow a competitive film and digital content production industry in Arkansas . ... For the first time in Arkansas's history, qualified resident crew and ex-patriots will have the opportunity to submit and update their contact information, credits and resumes for consideration by productions shooting in Arkansas."

And those who are still patriots will be denied this opportunity? That's outrageous. More of the Scalia court's doing, I suppose.

Exmas is always wrong:

"Ex-high court justice topic of LR talk today."

"UA ex-receivers among players in state awaiting NFL draft call."

The first headline writer got it right. Although there might be some quibbling, most readers will understand that the ex- prefix generally applies to the whole phrase that follows. Make it "ex-UA receivers." Sometimes it's easier, and clearer, to use "former" instead of "ex-."


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