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Leverett's jail visits


Here's a list of the Pulaski County jail inmates Judge Mark Leverett visited, signing in as their "attorney."

• Jan. 15, 2009: Tyler Tillman, being held at the time on three counts of theft of property; six counts of burglary; two counts of theft by receiving, and other charges

• Feb. 25, 2009: Priscilla Ruffin, being held at the time on two counts of writing hot checks, and two counts of second degree domestic battery.

• Feb 25, 2009: Tyeiska Roberson, being held at the time on 15 charges, including two counts of capital murder, and five counts of aggravated robbery. Leverett also visited Roberson again on Feb. 27, April 27 and May 2.

• April 16, 2009: Carlos Houston, being held while awaiting transfer to the Arkansas Department of Correction.

• April 16, 2009: Dewayne Oliver, being held at the time on four counts of failure to appear.

• June 3, 2009: David A. Dill, being held at the time on four counts of theft of property.

• June 9, 2009: An inmate whose name is only listed in the sign-in book as “Wade.” Several inmates had that last name.

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