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Letters, Oct. 16


In review

Little did I know we have our very own Joel McHale (Soup) at the Arkansas Times! Thank you David Koon for watching the crappy shows so we don't have to. Your article about the Huckster's new TV show pilot was absolutely laugh out loud hysterical! I have been a fan of your magazine and your writers for years, but do not recall ever laughing so hard I cried, until I read this. If you have a “Best Of” issue come out at the end of the year, please run this again! TOO FUNNY!!

Christine Washburn
Little Rock

Just read your review of Huck TV and it was hilarious! Thank you so much for watching so I don't have to. (Basset Hound and a used con-dom? LOL! There's an image!)

Now, if you could watch the one about the Duggars too, I would appreciate it.
Thanks for giving me a good laugh for today.

Linda Martin
From the Internet

I just read your articles about Huck TV and gas drilling. I wouldn't dare call any of it journalism. I'm not sure what you would call it. If that is the best you can come up with to attack the natural gas industry, you shouldn't have even bothered. I'm sure if the lady owned the mineral rights she would have happily endured the drilling and with great pleasure. But since she is a nomad squatting on her mama's land, she has noth-ing of value to offer your readers but sour grapes. Why didn't you interview her mama, the landowner? If she also owns the mineral rights, I would be interested in knowing how many acres and how big the monthly royalty checks. I would be more interested in reading about all of the Beverly Hillbillies the drilling has created in the Ozarks.

As for Huck TV, I see sour grapes all over again. That is the only thing I can think that would inspire such a rude, undignified and pointless attack. Are you jealous and upset about Huckabee's good fortune? Only a deviate moron could find any of it amusing. The writing was horrible. I had to read some of your sentences more than once to decipher any attempt at meaning. I found your attack to be vicious, appalling, undigni-fied, unprofessional, immature and unintelligent. That is the kind of negative slime that gives journalists and the media a bad name. I'm not a partisan person. I don't trust politicians as far as you can see them. But your venom made me feel embarrassed for you and sympathetic for Huckabee. Americans are getting sick and tired of the irreverent, foul-mouthed pundits, propagandists and media types who try to confuse and divide us. We are out here starving for reason, thoughtfulness and unification. We want enlightenment. Please try to refrain from being ignorant. It's not very becoming.

Dugan King
From the Internet

McCain's running mate
When President Obama is assassinated, we can blame Sarah Palin and John McCain, who failed to restrain her. Getting in front of a McCain-Palin audience and being a demagogue without conscience is like shouting “fire” in a crowded theater.
John Wesley Hall
Little Rock

It appears that Barack Obama is going to win the election and it can be attributed directly to Mike Huckabee. Why? Because of his religious bigotry a few months ago against Mitt Romney. He was running for vice president and needed to get Romney out of the way. He (wrongly and thankfully) thought that John McCain would give him consideration if he got the nomination. Therefore, he made the decision to slander Romney with that Jesus/devil question. Huckabee, who has a bachelor's in religion and also attended a theological seminary, knew his com-ment was way out of line. He learned in World Religion 101 what the Mormon religion's teaching were. And, it is not “that Jesus and the devil are brothers.” He knew how evangelicals would take his comment. The day before his knowingly false statement, Romney was leading the pack, but the following day, he started going downhill. He had to drop out because of intentional falsehoods and religious bigotry.

Had Huckabee not done what he did, I'm sure Mitt Romney would have been debating Obama, not John McCain. And, another thing: Romney would have a good 35 percent lead over Obama right now. McCain would make a good president, but without Sarah Palin, he would now be DOWN about 40 percent.

I would like for Mike Huckabee to stand up the day after Obama wins to tell the American people he's sorry for slandering Mitt Romney and that it's his fault the U.S. is about to become a socialist, third world country.
Jim Maxwell
Moss Point, Miss.

Debate review
During the presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain, something became very clear to me — the basic orientation of these two candidates.

Barack Obama was operating in “statesman” mode while John McCain was operating in “warrior” mode. In conflict resolution, there are only two basic choices: talk or fight. Talking takes the path of diplomacy, seeking a win-win solution. Fighting takes the path of war — al-ways a win-lose solution.

McCain, the son and grandson of admirals, himself a career naval aviator, trained to settle differences by fighting, took the warrior's approach: Why talk when you can fight? “Ready, fire, aim.”

Obama, the son of a black father and white mother, worked his way through the American cultural minefield to education, community organizing, law school and politics. He found ways to accomplish things through communication, using negotiation and accommodation to arrive at win-win resolution of difficult situations. In short, he used diplomacy.

After World War II and during the Korean Conflict, there was a lot of reservation about electing a former warrior — General Eisenhower. America wanted a civilian, a statesman — not a warrior — at the head of our government.

It may be well to give consideration to those same concerns in this election. Terrorism is not a country; terrorism is not an army; terrorism is an ideology. No ideology has ever been defeated with bombs and bullets. One ideology can be defeated only by a superior ideology. The chal-lenge of the statesman is to envision and communicate a superior ideology. That is the task facing the president of the United States.

Who is in a position to do a better job: a warrior, or a statesman?
Dr. Bob Hartsell
Hot Springs



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