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Lawyer's verdict

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The Almanac of the Federal Judiciary publishes lawyers’ anonymous evaluations of federal judges. Some of those evaluations are highly unfavorable. In Wilson’s case, “Lawyers were unanimous in their praise of Wilson’s legal ability,” the almanac says. Here are some examples:

“He is a very smart man, and an even smarter judge.” “He comes across like a good old boy country lawyer, but he has one of the sharpest legal minds around.” “His courtroom demeanor is far different from that of any others in the district — and I say this in a very positive way. He is a true old country Southern lawyer, who is always friendly and respectful of all people he comes in contact with.” “He has an immense amount of patience with young lawyers. He will teach without embarrassing anyone.” “He rules quickly and accurately.” “He accepts being proven wrong, which is a good trait.” “He sentences with fairness and compassion.” “He takes a very dim view of theft at any level, but is extremely harsh on white-collar criminals who flout the law and steal from their employees.” “He loves lawyers, and would rather be trying the case than judging it.”

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