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Latin funk


9:30 p.m., Revolution. $8.

In the tradition of Fania, Nu Yorica and boogaloo, Grupo Fantasma blends traditional Latin genres like cumbia, merengue and salsa with deep, infectious funk. Ten members strong, the Austin, Texas, orchestra has become one of the most successful independent Latin groups around, largely on the strength of word of mouth. Its live shows are legendary. Austin Chronicle critic Jim Caliguiri has called it “the best band in Austin.” Several years back, the band found an unlikely champion in Prince, who hosted the band for a two-month stint at his Las Vegas nightclub, 3121. From there, Prince conscripted the group for his own personal backing band, using them at a Superbowl performance, award shows and for performances in London. Still, even with that exposure, Grupo Fantasma continues to do what it's always done: grind it out on the road. It comes to Little Rock for what Revolution is calling a “Feliz Navidad dance party.” LM.

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