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Last-minute holiday shopping

No, not THAT holiday. Although red’s still the color of choice.


SHE HEARTS YOU: Designer Freeman.
  • SHE HEARTS YOU: Designer Freeman.
In the spirit of our upcoming celebration of the traditional rituals of romance, allow me to indulge in gender-based generalities for a minute: Ladies. We all know the odds are slim that your guy, or any guy, tears through the Arkansas Times every other week looking for this column. So we’ll leave it up to you to concoct whatever elaborate ruse is necessary to put this one in his sightline. First up this week: The new Oval art gallery downtown is hosting a special show by two local jewelry designers this Saturday, Feb. 12. Well, they’re calling it a show, but everything’s for sale, of course, and Oval’s Carla Koen tells us prices will start at about $15 or $20 (that’s START at — don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of pricier adornments to choose from too). Debbie Carl Freeman, a regular Oval artist and a Presbyterian minister, specializes in Celtic-inspired designs in gold and silver: delicate knot earrings, thick solid cross pendants. I previewed some of her pieces at Oval last week and especially liked a whimsical bracelet of small silver turtles, each with a Celtic knot on its back. She’ll have a couple of heart-shaped pieces at the show as well, both of which also incorporate Celtic motifs. (A suggestion: if heart jewelry isn’t your bag, drop that hint real big. My husband sold jewelry for years, and said he only sold heart-shaped pieces to men buying gifts for women.) Freeman also has some designs for men. The jewelry designed by Jann Greenland is of an entirely different style. Greenland specializes in beadwork and fused glass, and her pieces are funky, bright and colorful. They’ll appeal to anyone who doesn’t take herself too seriously. An example: one beaded necklace spotlights four or five tiny day-glo Koosh balls. All kinds of fun. The show lasts from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Oval, 201 W. Capitol. If your tastes run a little more toward the…er… adventurous: Camille’s Top Drawer, a lingerie shop in Bowman Curve, carries the singer Jessica Simpson’s Dessert Beauty line of body products. Powders, sprays, lotions (“body frosting,” in Dessert Beauty parlance), lip gloss, etc., all edible: “Wear it, then share it,” is the line’s motto. Choose from flavors like cotton candy, lollipop and butterscotch toffee. (Be warned, though —I checked prices at Dessert Beauty’s web site, and they ain’t cheap: an 8-ounce bottle of “whipped body cream” runs $34 for instance.) Now I’m not so into having my cosmetics licked off me, but I wouldn’t mind smelling like a cookie all day. One last note: If flowers are what you’re planning to send to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day, better get to dialing if you haven’t ordered them already. A correspondent from Friday’s Flowers and Gifts in the Heights passed along a plea for mercy. (And if you’re not moved by compassion, consider it a threat.) Florists will already be working night and day this weekend filling the orders of customers who DO plan ahead, she said. If you wait until Monday morning, you’ll be taking your chances on getting a timely Valentine’s Day delivery. No pressure or anything. She’s just sayin’. Comings and goings: The McCain Mall Catherine’s store has relocated to the Lakewood Village Shopping Center. They’re having an open house this Saturday, Feb. 12. And the Park Plaza Athlete’s Foot location is closing; big signs in their windows last week advertised 40 percent to 70 percent off. I don’t need no stinking baubles. Just gimme Godiva. Shoppingchick@arktimes.com.


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