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Klezmer get-down



8 p.m., Afterthought. $8.

And now for something completely different: It's the return of the Meshugga Klezmer Band, Central Arkansas's best (only?) klezmer act. For the uninitiated, klezmer is Jewish folk music. Rooted in Eastern Europe, the music often takes the cantorial style of a Jewish prayer, with instruments or vocalists mirroring crying or laughing sounds. It's woozy, lilting music that usually starts off contemplative and then builds into a dance-y tempo. See if you can keep yourself from head-bobbing. Formed in 1999, Meshugga has performed with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, for bar/bat mitzvahs, at weddings, Jewish food festivals and a number of local venues. The eight-piece features, in addition to the typical guitar, bass, drums and keyboard, a violin, clarinet, saxophone and accordion. When he's not holding tiny semi-trucks on billboards or smiling at you on the back of the phone book, attorney Peter Miller plays guitar in the band.

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