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June 17-23, 2009


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June 17-23, 2009

It was a GOOD week for …


A POSSE. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has hired three members of a new four-man police force. He insists they won't be a football coach-style security force for McDaniel, but provide office security and work on capital cases, duties for which the office has not had a need since it was created until now. McDaniel also ordered up a new fleet of vehicles, including a new SUV for his own use.


EQUAL RIGHTS. A business that provided special security clearance for people who paid a fee at Little Rock National Airport went out of business. Sadly, the publicly financed facility says it will look for another vendor to continue to VIP treatment by public employees of those with the money to buy it.


The LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL BOARD. There's evidence that it has been voting lately not on racial lines but in ways that hold students paramount, even if it means setbacks for the current superintendent. See Max Brantley.

It was a BAD week for …


POLICE: Plumerville Police Officer Joey Cannon was fatally shot after stopping a man driving a stolen truck.


The STATE CORRECTION DEPARTMENT.  The scandals never cease. An officer was fired for letting a prisoner nearly die lying in his own feces. An investigation also  discovered the officer was getting lap dances on duty, having prison kitchen potlucks and failing to patrol. This follows: The escape of killers in guard uniforms. The killing of a parolee who tried to drive away from a checkpoint. The firing of an officer for theft. And more. The bosses have some 'splainin' to do.


OPEN GOVERNMENT. The latest backroom deal by the powerful legislators who control the nominally independent state lottery concerns the forms of gambling envisioned. Key legislators want the lottery to include keno, a popular casino game. And, the Democrat-Gazette reports, they slipped a little provision in the law that also opens the door to card games, horse racing games and a variety of other forms of gambling in addition to conventional lottery tickets. What you want to bet that legislators have people in mind to run these new games?


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