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July 1-7, 2009



It was a GOOD week for …


PARANOIA. A Democrat-Gazette article says gun sales continue to run well ahead of last year, apparently on account of fears that the Obama administration might impose some gun control measures. None has been announced. And most of the gun crowd wouldn't be short of weapons if some were.


SEWER CUSTOMERS. The Little Rock Sewer Committee has recommended a rate adjustment to end residential customers' subsidy of commercial customers, particularly those that require more expensive treatment of wastewater.


LU HARDIN. Despite leaving the presidency of the University of Central Arkansas under a cloud of financial scandal, Hardin was welcomed with open arms as president of Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida, a Christian university whose leaders lauded Hardin for his faith and character.


EMON MAHONY. The former gas company executive was appointed to the state Game and Fish Commission. He brought some environmentalist credentials as a staunch opponent of the coal-fired power plant under construction in Hempstead County (near his hunting club).


GOV. MIKE BEEBE. His influential voice was added to those who think the new state lottery shouldn't include state-licensed keno parlors. The new law, by indirect reference, allows keno.

It was a BAD week for …


STATE LOTTERY DIRECTOR ERNIE PASSAILAIGUE. He's getting rich running the new state lottery. A couple of his pals from South Carolina will get rich, too. Everybody who works there will get solid-gold pay (if they know the right legislator to get the inside line on a job in the first place). All this and Ernie P. had the bad form to bitch about “negative” media and how Arkies are too dumb to understand how difficult his job is.


MIKE HUCKABEE. His latest non-sequitur analogy: That the First Amendment would be “meaningless” without the Second. Tell that to Martin Luther King Jr. and newspaper writers everywhere who still are able to criticize dumb politicians without benefit of a concealed carry permit.


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