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Jesus no help


There's troubling news from Florida for state Rep. Debra Hobbs of Rogers, who's seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination and says she has God's backing in the race. Another candidate alleging endorsement from above didn't do well in the Sunshine State. "North Miami mayoral candidate Anna L. Pierre claimed that Jesus Christ himself endorsed her campaign. Her campaign posters carried a picture of Jesus and in huge letters boasted of her endorsement from on high. Pierre came in last of seven candidates in the primary on May 14."

The Almighty have a lot on Their plates, of course — war, famine, global warming — leaving Jesus with little time for personal appearances in the Pierre campaign. It's possible that if He'd had been able to get out on the campaign trial and politick actively for Her — make that "her" — she might have done better, possibly finishing as high as fourth or even third with a little luck. ("It's good to have Jesus on your side," the late Earl Long used to say, "but Jesus and luck is even better.")

Still, the results in Miami cannot have been encouraging to Rep. Hobbs, suggesting as they do that divine sanction is of little benefit to a candidate. Reportedly, she's beseeching God to take a more pro-active part in her campaign, possibly sponsoring a catfish fry. "Nobody has more fish than He," she told reporters.

A spokesman said God is considering the request, but "He gets a lot of these things."

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