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J-Mac, P-Bev, D-Mac and ManRam


God knows I've never in my life even been to a track meet, but the man is clearly deserving of high-flown statuary.  Break out the chisels.


Patrick Beverly sent shockwaves through the complicated series of tubes that is the Internet last week when he posted a foreboding status update on Facebook. For some reason, I'm still not Facebook Friends with Beverly, or you would have heard it here first. The sophomore shooting guard might be leaving the Hogs. 

After the sparse offensive productivity of last season, the only thing he can do is transfer to another program. That'd be a shame. He's one of the toughest players we've seen in a while, and we need leadership next season. I hope Pel's on top of this, or that at least he noticed the status update the minute it happened. He's hip enough for a Facebook account, don't you think? I mean, look at that hair. 


Darren McFadden's skinny little legs scooted him to Heisman runner-up two years in a row. No owner is likely to forget that, no matter what you hear out of the Worldwide Sports Leader. Nobody knows what's going to happen in this draft. Everyone's lying. Everyone's holding their cards close to their chest. We're talking multimillion-dollar deals here. Nobody's talking to some schmuck with access to a media powerhouse. Please.

I'm with the excellent blog Razorback Expats (based in Oakland and one of the Times' community blogs) in thinking that getting drafted by Oakland could be a career-killer for McFadden — or at least a career-delayer. I'd like to say he's going in the top five, but I'll take top 10 if a handful of other organizations are that clueless. We'll see. 

By the way, one thing we know for almost sure is that Felix is headed for Dallas. 


To be honest, my last few weeks have been eaten up with belatedly completing a master's thesis. Thank God for fantasy baseball. If I couldn't be on the couch soaking up the NBA playoffs or catching the first few weeks of my favorite season — if I had to be hashing out notions of subjectivity in the autobiographical documentary — at least I could at the same time be maniacally adjusting my line-up and trying to bolster my shoddy bullpen. 

(A Team Named Sooie is in the lead going into the fourth week, by the way. Just Manny being exorbitantly, unremittingly Manny. On the chopping block this week: my baby brother's AARP Army, staffed to the gills with sputtering vets. It's getting biblical up in here.) 


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