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It was a good week for Gov. Beebe


It was a good week for...

GOV. MIKE BEEBE He responded forcefully to a Koch-financed Americans for Prosperity television advertisement that depicts Arkansas — with its constitutionally mandated balanced budget — as wallowing in debt and performing poorly economically, saying, "When they trash Arkansas, they're trashing you," and later devoting his weekly radio address to a point by point refutation of the ad.

THE MEDICAL MARIJUANA MEASURE The Arkansas Supreme Court denied a petition to block a vote on the initiative to allow medical use of marijuana in Arkansas. The complaint was brought by the Coalition to Preserve Arkansas Values and included Jerry Cox, leader of the Arkansas branch of the rightwing fundamentalist Family Council, and Larry Page, longtime leader of the church-backed Arkansas Faith and Ethics Council. The court's decision clears the way for a vote on medical marijuana in Arkansas on Nov. 6.

It was a bad week for...

WOULD-BE COMMUTING FRESHMAN AT UALR The university announced that next fall first-time entering freshman will be required to live in campus housing and take a meal plan.

ARKANSAS, ABROAD Gregory Nelson of Fayetteville, with an Arkansas flag decal sewn on his vest, drew headlines in New York for saying he punched an Iranian official in the stomach during an anti-Iran demonstration in the city after a speech by Iran's president to the UN.

THE ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS Should we reserve a semi-permanent place for the hapless Hogs? The nightmare continued this week with the football Razorbacks falling to 1-4 with a loss to Texas A&M 58 to 10.

FAULKNER COUNTY AUTHORITIES Former Faulkner County Prosecutor Marcus Vaden authorized the $11,800 purchase of a Barrett M107 .50-caliber BMG sniper rifle in 2008. It was given to Faulkner County Administrator Jeff Johnston, according to ATF agents. The rifle was never used for law enforcement purposes, but according to a case file, Johnston said he and a friend once fired the weapon while intoxicated. No criminal violations are alleged. Really bad judgment is another matter.

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