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It was a good week for girth


It was a good week for...

GIRTH. Arkansas is now the country's seventh fattest state with an obesity rate of 30.9 percent, according to a report by Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. One in three Arkansans is obese, according to the study.

It was a bad week for...

LT. GOVERNOR MARK DARR. A Benton County bank filed a lawsuit to foreclose on the lieutenant governor's two-story home in Springdale. "[My wife] and I are certainly not wealthy individuals," Darr told Talk Business. "Elected officials feel the hardships of this economy as well, and over the past two years we have certainly felt it. I'm no different than the majority of people who sometimes have more month left at the end of their money."

TREASURER MARTHA SHOFFNER. The embattled state treasurer still hasn't explained her investment practices, recently faulted by a legislative audit for producing less return on state money than might have been possible. Gov. Beebe has said the audit findings don't look good and he wants to hear more.

JUDGE KEN HARPER. The state Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission announced that it had brought formal charges against the Monticello District Court judge, generally stemming from his failure to follow a previous agreement to treat alcohol abuse. He's been reported to have been seen buying and consuming alcohol and being intoxicated in public, a fact that has made witnesses reluctant to testify in his court on other cases.

MICHAEL WASSERMAN. The state Supreme Court turned down Texas casino promoter Wasserman's bid for more time to gather signatures for his casino amendment. The court upheld the secretary of state's finding that the petition drive failed because it was required to meet "facial requirements" in two ways — total signatures and signatures in each of 15 counties. Wasserman failed on the county signatures, the secretary of state said, and the Supreme Court said no evidence was presented to the contrary.

JOHN L. SMITH. The embattled Razorback football coach, speaking to the Little Rock Touchdown Club two days after the Razorbacks lost their third straight game at home, momentarily forgot where he was, saying, "Don't give up on us. It's our program, it's a state of Alabama program."

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