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A survey of people from Arkansas who're famous only on Instagram.


There are famous Arkansans on Instagram: The Duggars (@duggarfam) have 1 million followers. Country singer Justin Moore (@justincolemoore) has 310,000. Then there are Arkansans who've become famous thanks to Instagram and other social media: North Little Rock Police Officer Tommy Norman's Instagram photos of his interactions with the community he polices (@tnorman23) gained him international attention. He's now got 1.2 million followers. And then there are the local Instagrammers who are famous only within Instagram. They're moms and graphic designers and photographers who've managed to amass sizable followings. Give 'em a follow. Us, too: @arktimes.

Sarah Fortune Gill: @sarahfortune

Followers: 25,000
Home: Fayetteville
Sponsored by: "I do occasional sponsored posts with various brands ranging from local to international, and travel partnerships whenever I can."
Subject matter (in general): Scenery, family, fashion, food, everyday life in Fayetteville, her travels, her 5-year-old, Iris.
Arkansas Instagrammer she wants everyone to know about: @kirstenblowers

Noah Abraham Sampsel @noahabe

Followers: 20,300
Home: Bentonville
Subject matter (in general): Landscapes.
Arkansas Instagrammers he wants everyone to know about: @lydichristine and @ruminantreserve.

Hannah Carpenter @hannahacarpenter

Followers: 85,000
Home: Central Arkansas
Sponsored by: "Not sponsored by any one company. I do sponsored posts and brand/product promotion but try to be really choosy with what I promote."
Subject matter (in general): Family, home.
Arkansas Instagrammers she wants everyone to know about: @ozarkmamadeer

This kid. Lightning in a 3 year old body. ⚡️ @mabokids @zimmermanshoes

A photo posted by Hannah Carpenter (@hannahacarpenter) on

Jeff Rose: @thejeffrose

Followers: 78,500
Home: Ponca
Subject matter (in general): Scenery, lifestyle, travel.
Arkansas Instagrammers he wants everyone to know about: @igersarkansas

Up before the sun

A photo posted by Jeff Rose (@thejeffrose) on

Elizabeth Carter: @carterelizabeth

Followers: 49,600
Subject matter (in general): Interior design, architecture, food.

Always a favorite.

A photo posted by Elizabeth Carter (@carterelizabeth) on

Brenton Clarke Little: @brenton_clarke

Followers: 247,000
Subject matter (in general): Landscape, architecture, lifestyle.
Arkansas Instagrammers he wants everyone to know about:@curious2119

The Pond at Central Park

A photo posted by Brenton Clarke Little (@brenton_clarke) on

Matt White: @mattywhite17

Followers: 2,600

Adam Smith: @roadlyfe

Followers: 3,000

The beautiful (and in my opinion underrated) Mount Adams.

A photo posted by Adam Smith (@roadlyfe) on

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