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Insider Nov. 25


Politicking You can officially add Dr. Carl Johnson of Little Rock, a member of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees and the Little Rock Airport Commission, to those eying a race for lieutenant governor. The job won’t be open for two years, unless the governor were to depart early, and rumors of a Huckabee cabinet appointment seem to have cooled. We can only hope. Staley watch The rumor was that outgoing Pulaski County Clerk Carolyn Staley (no rehash necessary, we presume) might be heading for new employment in the Lonoke County circuit clerk’s office. It is true that her niece, Deborah Oglesby, was recently elected to that job. But Oglesby says she knows nothing about her aunt seeking or receiving a job with her. Movie star? Susan McDougal came to Little Rock last Thursday only after the Clinton library dedication was completed. She told a crowd assembled for a screening of “The Hunting of the President” at the Darragh Center that she didn’t want her presence to be a distraction. McDougal, who won national fame for standing up to special persecutor Kenneth Starr, could be in line for more exposure. There’s talk in TV series and movie maker Harry Thomason’s camp of making a biopic, a la “Erin Brockovich,” of McDougal’s biography. The talk further has it that Sandra Bullock has expressed some interest in the role. A car with a heater Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune: It seems one of the chauffeurs hired to haul Clinton staff in a motorcade for the library opening showed up with a pistol in the car. Hey, the system worked. Secret Service found the weapon and a new, unarmed car and driver were substituted. New pipes Dec. 6 is the reported start date for Outlaw Tommy Smith’s show on the Buzz. Regular sidekick: former Hog and enduring face man David Bazzel. Rumor says the show will have a strong sports angle and feature regular appearances from Democrat-Gazette sports editor Wally Hall. Come on, big money North Little Rock City Attorney Paul Suskie’s wife, Erica, did a turn last week on TV game show “Wheel of Fortune,” for an episode to air Jan. 14. Suskie enthuses, “She was awesome.” But what else would a hubby say? Catfish alert Famous Hank’s, Andy Pearson’s drive-through hot dog stand at Cross and La Harpe, has folded. But it will soon provide a more permanent home for Adams Catfish, the mobile catfish stand that sets up at Third and Chester. Adams needs city approval later this month for a small outdoor patio before it can open. Barbecue and catfish will be on the menu.

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