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Inconsequential News Quiz: Double Jeopardy! Edition

Play at home while not making recipes from "Breaking Bad."

1) A business in operation in Arkansas for more than 150 years has announced it will soon close its doors for good. What's the biz?

A) Krazy Ken's Kustom Klan Robes in Harrison.

B) Dank's Discount Meth Emporium in Rose City.

C) Bennett's Military Supply, long a staple on Little Rock's Main Street.

D) Pine Bluff's Bronto Haunch BBQ.

2) FBI agents and soldiers from the Arkansas National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction 61st Civil Support Team recently responded to a house in Little Rock after a man called police to report that he was experiencing diarrhea, blurred vision and heart trouble. What, according to investigators, was the issue?

A) He ate 19 McRib sandwiches in 30 minutes.

B) He watched Fox News for five hours straight.

C) He feared he'd poisoned himself while making batch of homemade ricin, a deadly toxin — fatal in quantities as small as one-millionth of a gram — which the man allegedly said he'd gotten interested in making after watching an episode of the TV show "Breaking Bad."

D) His heart was completely shattered by the season finale of "The Bachelor."

3) According to an agent who testified in the above case, which of the following safety precautions were taken?

A) Before he could be treated at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, the man's clothes had to be removed in a sealed room by three workers in head-to-toe protective gear.

B) Every investigator who entered the man's house had to wear a similar protective moonsuit.

C) Before the man's search history could be examined, his computer had to be wrapped in plastic and shipped to D.C. for decontamination.

D) All of the above.

4) On March 2, the TV gameshow "Jeopardy!" had an Arkansas connection. What was the connection?

A) The final Jeopardy answer was: "Situated just south of Missouri, experts say this state has a distinct chance of being walled off and abandoned as a lost cause in the next 10 to 15 years."

B) The final Jeopardy answer was: "Echoing a rock band with eight platinum albums, the teams of the Arkansas School for the Deaf are named for this animal." Which is, of course, a reference to the ASD Leopards and the 1980's "hair metal" band Def Leppard.

C) Sarah Huckabee Sanders was a contestant on a special "Celebrity Co-Conspirators" edition of the show.

D) The Video Daily Double was a short clip of a frowning, shirtless Governor Hutchinson eating a whole chocolate pie with his bare hands.

5) Recently, a 30-year-old man was sentenced to jail time and a fine related to something he did at a Hot Springs gym in 2017. What, according to investigators, did he do?

A) Excessive gruntery.

B) Not wiping his greasy stank off the stationary bike when he was done.

C) Attempted to record with his cell phone a video of a naked woman as she was leaving a tanning bed.

D) Failure to spot, bro.

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