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Inconsequential News Quiz: Deep freeze edition

Play at home.


Play at home, then burn this for warmth!


1) In the weeks before Christmas, police said, a 70-year-old woman who uses a walker took a bus from the North Little Rock retirement community where she lives to a Little Rock home, where she left a surprise for a former acquaintance. What, allegedly, did she leave?

A) A delicious fruitcake.

B) Hand-knitted sweater.

C) Card with a $10 bill inside.

D) A bag containing an improvised fire bomb, with the resident of the home telling investigators the woman had tried to burn down his house several other times.


2) The Arkansas State Supreme Court recently logged a historical first. What was it?

A) Installed a sound system so they can start every case with that "DONK-DONK!" noise from the TV show "Law & Order."

B) Twelve-hour showdown in which Justices Mort Robson and Earl Pickel finally decided the landmark case of Foot v. Your Ass while playing "NBA 2k14" on Xbox.

C) Grudgingly accepted a new rule requiring clothes to be worn under their robes.

D) With the Jan. 6 swearing-in of new Associate Justices Rhonda Wood and Karen Baker, the court is now majority female.

3) A new report put together by a nonprofit group says that a certain recurring annoyance is collectively costing Arkansans $2 billion a year. What's the problem?

A) Tobaccky spillage.

B) Hair from dog groomers being thrown out instead of knitted into tight-fitting underpants for all.

C) Jabbo Lumkin of Stuttgart. He's a real pain in the ass.

D) The state's legendarily rough roads, which contribute to crashes, delays and more frequent car repairs.

4) Academy Award-winning actress Geena Davis recently announced that she will be co-sponsoring an event this spring in Bentonville. What is it?

A) ThelmaCon, culminating in a finale in which she and a Susan Sarandon lookalike will jump a 1965 T-bird convertible off the roof of the Bentonville Chamber of Commerce.

B) Not a screening of "Cutthroat Island," hopefully.

C) A wrasslin' exhibition called "The Long Kick Goodnight!" in which Davis and tag-team partner Samuel L. Jackson will take on all opponents, best two falls out of three.

D) An annual film festival that will focus on movies featuring minority or female directors, casts and crews.

5) According to a recent series of articles in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette by reporter Chad Day, which of the following were regularly used as punishments on children held at the Yell County Juvenile Detention Center in Danville, sometimes for infractions as minor as talking back?

A) A burst of pepper spray to the face.

B) Being bound for hours in "The Wrap," in which children's "hands were cuffed behind their backs, legs strapped together, and chest immobilized by a harness and a strap connected to their feet" — a restraint sometimes used in conjunction with a duct tape-wrapped motorcycle helmet that blocked out nearly all light.

C) Being pepper sprayed while immobilized in The Wrap.

D) All of the above.

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