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Inconsequential News Quiz: colder'n'ell edition


Play at home.

1. In our Jan. 16 story about the City of Little Rock considering cutting off alcohol sales at 2 a.m. — a move that might shutter several Little Rock clubs with licenses that allow them to sell booze until 5 a.m. — City Director Joan Adcock offered an opinion as to why last call should be capped at 2. What did she say? A) "If you haven't found yourself a bedwarmer by 2 a.m., honey, just call it a night." B) "Lots of people, when you go out and drink until 5 a.m., then you go home and you're not very willing, probably, to get up and get the kids off to school or visit and spend time with the family. One thing we desperately need in this city and this state and this country is more family time." C) "The vampire menace is among us." D) "I follow Ben Franklin's advice: Early to bed, early to rise makes you the one fun people despise."

2. The Southern Poverty Law Center recently reported that The Knight Riders, an arm of the Ku Klux Klan with chapters in Arkansas and five other states, officially disbanded in early January. What reason did the leader of the Knight Riders give for the decision when questioned by the SPLC? A) Secretly black. B) Just can't find a Confederate flag made in America anymore. C) Worried about being sent to prison, which he said is "full of blacks and Mexicans." D) Tired of answering questions about David Hasselhoff and his gatdamn talking car.

3. Cpl. Tom Weindruch was fired by the Arkansas State Police on Jan. 16, with his termination letter citing an altercation with a janitor at Flippin High School, a warning for parking in a handicapped space in his patrol car, and a certain post the trooper had made on his Facebook page. What was Weindruch's Facebook problem? A) Picked Team Gale, shoulda went with Team Peeta. B) Spammed Pepsi's Facebook page with heartfelt pleas to bring back Crystal Pepsi. C) Threatened to kidnap Grumpy Cat, who he called the "cutie-wootiest."

D) Called State Rep. Andy Mayberry (R-Hensley) "a fool" for introducing a bill that would require UA to play ASU.

4. Several residents of Northwest Arkansas were alarmed last week when they heard an earth-shaking boom. What was the cause of the boom? A) Alice Walton piloting her F35 Joint Strike Fighter to the Piggly Wiggly. B) Duggar family finally reached critical mass. C) A bunch of good ol' boys packed an old dryer with explosives, then shot it. D) Somebody lit a match at UA's Kappa Delta house the morning after Burrito Nite.

5. On Thursday of last week, when thermometers in Central Arkansas dipped to a chilly 12 degrees, which of the following cities actually had a warmer average daily temperature than Little Rock? A) The Hell City of Dis

B) Fairbanks, Alaska C) Witch's Teat, Minnesota D) Hoth City, Hoth

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