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The article “Naked comes the bather” was a revelation. But if promoting nudity in Arkansas is illegal, the author must be arrested. Surely Arkansas courts can find this person guilty of something: if not breaking the “All Nudity is Evil” law, then how about treason? Surely skinny-dipping goes against national security, God, and politicians — all of which are pretty much the same anyhow, right?

It says in some book that God created man naked in his own image, in the garden of Eden. I guess Arkansas doesn’t believe that book. As for the present-day divinely created human body, Arkansas has the reputation of being the most backward and phobic state in the country. Saying the law is an ass doesn’t quite — pardon the notion — cover it. What about the entire state legislature?

Arkansas should either prosecute your writer or repeal its absurd, unconstitutional, anti-human legislation immediately — and declare several public beach areas clothing-optional. (Just watch the revenue come in, folks.) It could go from national pariah to national leader instantly.

Dr. Paul Rapoport

Editor, Going Natural / Au naturel

Federation of Canadian Naturists

Ancaster, Ontario

Roller derby

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your article April 26 on roller derby.

I’ve seen many other articles where the author (whether they don’t like derby, or don’t understand it) do nothing but trash it. You brought a good light on what these women commit to, and what it means to them (and the fans, like me!).

Amy Beaird

Austin, Texas

Home run

Your Cover Story on the Arkansas Travelers’ new ballpark was a grand slam, although I have never been to the home games of the Arkansas Travelers at Ray Winder Field and have never been to a Travelers ball game on the road in my six years here in Arkansas , But your piece about Dickey-Stephens Park in North Little Rock indicates it’s a joy.

John Huerta


Arrogant and ignorant

Just how arrogantly ignorant are Thomas Sowell, Rush Limbaugh, and their elitist delusional ilk? The very same collective guilt, that they whine about incessantly, is identical to the collective guilt that they waste time hypocritically dumping upon all liberals!

Cho was not even alive in the 1960’s. Neocon gun lovers made the acquisition of Cho’s mass murder weapons quick and easy.

Cho was indeed insane. Yet, his IQ was much higher than revisionist neocon fools like Sowell and his clan of Republikkkan idiots. The collective garbage that they pass off as “ideology” is collectively more deadly than Cho. Their intellectual mass murders of honest political and social discourses make the physical body count at Virginia Tech pale by comparison!

Alicia Banks

Little Rock

Don’t judge war yet

A recent letter writer to the New York Times, remarking on President Bush’s visit to Mt. Vernon wrote that Bush was no George Washington. Bush’s presidential purpose may not be to lead a new nation but it is a worthy purpose none the less. Other presidents had great purposes but what is Bush’s purpose? In some circles he is disrespected and labeled a failure. A global media bias ridicules him daily. However, as events unfold Bush’s purpose will become evident.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization has terrorized Israel since they became a nation in 1948. Saddam Hussein and Iran and Syria began vying for control of the Middle East some 25 years ago by plotting a war against the Israelis through surrogates such as the Baathist movement and Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad and Hamas etc. On 911 Al-Qaeda attacked the U.S. in an attempt to weaken the American-Israeli relationship. Terrorism is a world wide movement with each faction attacking in different parts of the globe.

George Bush’s presidential purpose will be to stop Saddam’s Iraq and Iran and Syria from starting a Middle Eastern war to destroy Israel and to reduce the level of terror against the West. Iraq has already been neutralized. My prediction is Bush in 2008 will stop Iranian and Syrian aggression against Israel too. It is a victory that can’t be prevented by the Democratic Party nor the global media. Most of the world will hate America but ultimately a war that could easily become nuclear will be avoided and terrorism will be curtailed in our time. This is George W. Bush’s presidential mission.

It is a mistake to judge a war this complex as a failure while it is still in progress. Some wars in history weren’t decided until the last battle after many years of fighting. Bush will have other policies to answer for after his presidency is concluded but the invasion of Iraq is far from being a failure at this point.

Thomas Pope

Little Rock


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