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If not now, then when?


If not now, then when?

I remember asking that question after 20 children were murdered at Sandy Hook. Surely, this tragedy would wake us up--get us working to end our gun violence epidemic. But nothing was done. Fast forward five years and more headlines saying "Deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history," and we have the national tragedy in Las Vegas.

I'm sure the gun lobby will double down; they have proven that profits, not people are important. For decades the NRA has dismantled gun safety regulations across the country with their message of fear — that we can only be safe if we are armed at all times.

I don't think an arms race is the answer.

We need a policy that prohibits gun access to criminals and people suffering from mental illness, and allow research on gun violence as a health issue so we can really shine a light on the problem.

Together, we can make our communities safer and still respect the Second amendment. Contrary to what the NRA says, this isn't a zero sum game. Universal background checks on all gun sales, including sales at gun shows and online would help enforce existing prohibitions and doesn't infringe on anyone's right. This idea is supported by 93 prcent of Americans, including gun owners and NRA members.

Please take action, call your representatives: Tell them now is the time to take a stand against the NRA, and pass common sense gun laws. You can also join Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America, a grassroots organization standing up to the NRA, made up of volunteers in all states who are tired of seeing the endless gun violence.

Let's start now. When our country is faced with a problem we fix it, we don't throw our hands up and say there's nothing we can do. Thoughts and prayers are needed in times like these, but if we don't take action, we won't escape these times. If not now then when?

Daniel Bishop Conway

From the web in response to the Oct. 9 Arkansas Blog post "Trump can still count on Tom Cotton":

Cotton may be the last face your children and grandchildren sees before the door slams shut to deliver Trump's Final Solution. If you aren't of the pure Aryan Race a la the six white men misrepresenting Arkansas in D.C. today, your days may be numbered. Also the continued poking of Kim Jung Un with a sharp stick may doom us all. If you are still a Cotton supporter, please self-deport ASAP!


Sen. Corker, who I disagree with on most issues, is dead on with this. Trump is a danger to the country and Sen. Corker is remembering that his oath of office is not to Trump and his regime, but to the U.S. Constitution.

Rick 1

From the web in response to the Oct. 10 Arkansas Blog post "Mike Pence makes political hay from National Anthem; Trump ready for war":

What one thing do you know for sure when they say that it's not about racism?


Pence should have just said he disagreed with the players. But not go to the stadium with the intention of turning right around and leaving. Imagine all the extra security and inconvience to paying fans wanting to just see a game — all in the name of a publicity stunt.

Still waiting on final totals for the total cost to the taxpayers for this racist PR stunt. There are no figures I can find on secret service and local police costs and support staff in the three various locations. We know this was a preplanned farce because the press corp traveling with Pence was told not to enter the stadium in Indiana because Pence wouldn't be in there very long. But according to the Air Force, the 3 hour 20 minute flight on AF2 from Las Vegas to Indianapolis cost the taxpayers $100,000. Shortly after, the flight from Indianapolis to the republican fundraiser in Los Angeles cost taxpayers $142,500.


From the web in response to the Oct. 10 Arkansas Blog post "Gun goddess Jan Morgan is exploring a run for governor":

Might want to leave her in obscurity, Max. With all this Trump Derangement hysteria feeding the mob, any news of Jan would most likely help her win.

Remember, the media mocked Trump, and he won over Obama voters, so you might want to let Jan live in obscurity because all you are doing is helping her win.

Steven E

If the Roy Moore/Bannon branch takes over the Republican Party, and the rest of us let them take over the U.S., we will all get what they deserve.


A Northwest Arkansas TV station has video of her at a Republican event and her criticisms of A$a drew lots of applause. Interesting.

Screen name taken

She looks like another blind ultra-conservative, toeing and towing the party line, no matter how much it hurts regular people. Arkansas Works is working well, whether the President is black or not.


For those folks who think Donald Trump isn't quite nutty enough, now we have this thing.

Doesn't Arkansas already have enough to be embarrassed about?

The problem is, I could drive downtown and find 50 people in a matter of minutes who would think she is the answer to their prayers.


From the web in response to the Oct. 8 Arkansas Blog post "Huckabee serves up soft balls to Donald Trump":

I didn't watch but from what I've seen the most ridiculous thing Trump said was that he came up with the word "fake"!

I think one of the greatest of all terms I've come up with is 'fake'," he said. I guess other people have used it, perhaps, over the years, but I've never noticed it."


My old step-dad would say, "Right there's where two fools came together."

Errol Roberts

From the web in response to the Oct. 6 Arkansas Blog post "Trump administration moves to loosen birth control mandate in health insurance":

Seems that some personal responsibility might be required.


I know, right? Like why should my premiums go to pay for the treatment of some dude's coronary artery disease when he should have taken "personal responsibility" for his health and adopted a vegan diet. Why should my premiums go to pay for the ER treatment of kids sick with measles or whooping-cough because their parent's opposed vaccinations on religious grounds? They should have taken "personal responsibility" for their kid's health. I think this "citing religious or moral objections" is a two-way street. I think that the amount of money my insurance company charges for drug X is outrageously and immorally expensive and thus, "citing religious or moral objections," I will refuse to pay my bill to them. They better just suck it up and write the debt off, cause I got "religious freedom" on my side.


Birth control protects families as well as men. And who causes pregnancies? Men. Who fathers babies? Men. Who is protected by birth control? Men as well as families. This is just an excuse to weaken maternity and child coverage! But viagra is covered — even for unmarried men. Why should a celibate widow of 17 years pay for men to have relations?

aqua blue

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