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Hog crime


Arkansas football is ranked second in a new top 25 from Sports Illustrated and CBS. In this case, that's not a positive thing. The report, available online and in the last week's issue of Sports Illustrated, ranks football programs in Sports Illustrated's 2010 pre-season top 25 in terms of how many players had criminal records. Arkansas's team tied for second with Iowa's with 18 players charged. But beyond breaking down numbers in the aggregate, the report didn't distinguish between student athletes who were charged versus those who were convicted, nor did it distinguish the nature or severity of charges. That put Razorback players in a "misleading context," according to a statement released by athletic director Jeff Long. Among the 18 violations on the football team, Long said seven were traffic violations, three were for driving under the influence, five were for minor in possession of alcohol, two were for marijuana possession and one involved shoplifting.

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