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Happy reader



I appreciate the Arkansas Times. It can be read at the local Cleburne County Library in Heber Springs. It provides me with details and information that I do not receive from the local media or the national media. The Arkansas Times needs to be more widespread throughout the state. Some people in our city bring extra copies from other towns to interested readers.

I am usually not politically minded. I do detest injustice. When I receive copious amounts of e-mail material against the Democratic Party, I stop and ponder. When I hear all the talk about the “moral” Republicans, I cringe.

I was told that McCain divorced the mother of his children for his current wife. Romney practices a religion that is all-white inclusive it seems. Huckabee errs on the side of compassion and helps set a rapist free to kill women. Obama speaks of helping those less fortunate. Clinton forgave her husband (forgiveness is Biblical).

Choosing the right candidate to lead our nation is not easy. What I find troubling is this: Where is the meat? Why don't the media scrutinize each candidate and publish the findings?

About injustice: I heard that there is a placard in a room at the Governor's Mansion in Little Rock inscribed with the name of Janet Huckabee. If this is true, then I feel it should be removed because that building belongs to the citizens of Arkansas. I believe that people should be respected and not offended when in a place that should be for all citizens. I am weary of this bias and lop-sided, pushy attitude. What would Jesus do? Not put a plaque inscribed “Jesus Christ Room” in His house. He would help the poor (and more, much more).

Gail Kelley

Heber Springs

For Huckabee

Republican candidate Mike Huckabee seems to be the only candidate who understands that the phony “stimulus package” is an election year cash handout from the government money fairy, and that it is a gimmick, and is not going to fix the economy. He correctly pointed out that we are running a deficit and that we are going to have to borrow the money from the Chinese so that Americans can spend it buying Chinese products. I could not have said it better myself. Huckabee rocks!

Marc Perkel

San Bruno, Calif.

For Obama

I have always been a big Bill Clinton fan and thought he did a terrific job running this country, mainly because he kept the interest of ordinary Americans in his heart as he governed. Look, I can see why he would behave like this — a Hillary win only strengthens his place in history and his legacy, not to mention making him a prominent decision-maker in the course of our nation over the next four years ... but THIS??

What the Clintons have been doing the last two weeks is sickening; it's the kind of stuff that I thought only Karl Rove was capable of. Both of them know exactly what they've done with this whole race issue — they've marginalized Barack's wide appeal (crossing racial, gender, age, and socio-economic divides) into him just being the “black candidate,” then have the audacity to say that it's the Obama campaign or the media that's actually doing it.

The Clintons are more about the Clintons than the future of the Democratic Party, and that's sad. C'mon, Democrats — if this were the Republicans doing the exact same thing to Obama right now you'd be outraged and calling them every name in the book. Obama has run one of the most positive serious campaigns I have ever seen; now he's stuck playing their game, a game he won't be able to win. John McCain will trounce Hillary in the general election, so these sorts of short-sighted tactics will have hurt the Clintons in the long run, and more importantly, our country.

Jeff Woodmansee

Little Rock

State of the union

Bush's state of the union: “I'm sorry, I really screwed it up. God help America.”

The Demo response: “Our country is really screwed up. We don't have an answer; we've been part of the problem too long. God help America. Thank you.”

Charles Isgrig

Pine Bluff

For the children

There's a lesson about adequate health care for children that this president has failed to learn in his single-minded desire to fund the war in Iraq and hand out no-bid contracts to rebuild that which we have rent asunder.

Healthy children are better able to learn in school, with fewer missed days due to illness, fewer communicable diseases, a better attention span and feelings related to wellness, and more than likely, fewer future disablements.

Better educated children can become better citizens and take better care of the next generation of children, physically and mentally. This can mean fewer unemployed, a better tax base for government, fewer incarcerations for crime, and better social conditions overall.

Taking into consideration that there are vast differences in the income level needed to pay for goods and services in the states of Virginia, New York, et al., versus the state of Arkansas and others, medical services may be higher, also. It is a sure thing that there are less monies available for health care when inflation takes such a huge bite from income to pay for other essentials.

Earmarks contribute to some of the waste in government, but the waste in every program instituted by this administration is horrendous. Luckily for the administration, few people know or care, or so it seems.

The greatest fault of this administration is its inability to realize that in order to make this country “tick,” we have to make our own infrastructure work, whether it be health care for returning troops and the nation's children, or taking the graft and corruption out of present programs.

A presidential veto of SCHIP demonstrated the president's lack of care and understanding for the needs of those who have no vote and no lobby.

Marilyn Fish Bryan


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