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Guitar Hero

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8 p.m., Revolution. $10-$12.

A best guess at who, in order of increasing proportion, will show at Tuesday's concert: Fans of harmony singing. What a kidder Nels Cline is, naming his instrumental trio the Nels Cline Singers, disappointing unsuspecting concertgoers the world 'round (it's possible these unwitting concertgoers don't exist). Also, all those people who say that Little Rock never gets experimental music. How 'bout an improvisational trio featuring an avant-guitar legend, contra bass, drums and “live electronics”? And guitar geeks. Your average music fan may not be able to pick Cline out of a line-up, but guitar heads know him. For 30 years he's been a force, collaborating with the likes of Thurston Moore and Mike Watt. Several years back he graced the cover of Guitar Player magazine and last year, Rolling Stone named him one of the top 20 “new guitar gods.” Finally, fans of Wilco, whose numbers seem to swell with every new album. They love Cline for the experimental flourishes he's brought to the band since joining in 2004. But so what if a bunch of folks show up hoping to catch the riff from “Impossible Germany”? They might walk away wrapped up in jazz skronk.


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