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Grocery Paradise

From culinary to down—home delights



Everyone knows Hestands in the Heights offers some of the finest meats in the area—always top grade of choice prime, never select beef—but the Heights family-owned grocer also offers homemade cakes, iced brownies, cinnamon rolls and pies.

The baked goods come from York Family Catering in Russellville and include some unusual and tasty offerings like lemonade and Coca-Cola cake, lemon meringue and custard pies.

"They do an excellent job," says Hestand's owner Rodney Getchell. In addition to tasty desserts, the grocery store at 5915 R St. continues to offer a wide selection of deli goods for a quick plate lunch or an entire meal.

Hestand's is all about keeping their produce department stocked with the freshest, often Arkansas grown, veggies and fruits. Quality is the number-one concern, says Getchell.

On top of meeting customers' everyday needs, Hestand's carries a wide selection of gourmet items, and if they don't have it, Getchell says, "We'll be happy to order it." Hestand's in the Heights offers in-store charge accounts and will even deliver groceries right to your door.


Maybe it's the aroma or the sight of the hand-twisted, braided or rolled loaves with delicious-sounding names like ciabatta, pagnotta or sourdough, or possibly it's the rich creamy promise of the beautifully decorated tarts or the richness of a generous slice of dark chocolate cake—or perhaps it's the cookies, cream puffs or cannolis, but whatever it is, Silvek's European Bakery continues to please its loyal Heights customer base —as well as the rest of Little Rock—with a tempting selection of breads, cakes and pastries.

Silvek's European Bakery is located inside the Kroger at 1900 N. Polk St.

Terry's Finer Foods

While Terry's Finer Foods has undergone some big changes in the past few years including a new owner and the addition of a restaurant, much of what customers have come to expect from the grocery store at 5018 Kavanaugh Blvd. remains the same.

For instance, Terry's still offers custom-butchered meat, fresh seafood and produce, much of which is bought locally. Then there's their heavenly line—with an emphasis on all things French— of imported products. But their offerings extend far beyond the epicurean, and a customer can find all the fixings needed for chili or purple hull peas.

Like the former owner, Lex Golden is carrying on the tradition of carry-out and customer charge accounts. But he's made one major change, which is to add an on-site French-themed eatery, aptly named, Terry's The Restaurant. With all the quality and care Terry's is known for, its menu includes prime rib, duck confit or breast, salmon and much more. It has quickly become a popular local gathering spot and now serves lunch, too.

The Heights' Kroger

Also known as the home of Silvek's European Bakery, the Heights' Kroger is the neighborhood's only supermarket. A few years ago, Kroger moved from its much smaller store to its new, larger location at 1900 N. Polk.

The grocery store offers a full lineup of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as a complete selection of meats, seafood, a floral department and pharmacy.

Kroger in Hillcrest

An institution in Hillcrest, the Kroger supermarket at 614 Beechwood St. reopened October 8 much to the delight of neighborhood residents after undergoing an extensive remodeling.

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