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GOP bats from hell


We know that Republicans hate paying taxes, and apparently they hate obeying speed limits, too. Laws are for poor people, as Dick Cheney said, or might have. A few weeks ago, a Republican state senator, Bruce Holland of Greenwood, fled from a deputy sheriff through Yell and Perry Counties at speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour, passing other vehicles dangerously along the way, according to the deputy. Now, there's a report of a white pickup, license plate "2," being driven with similar speed and recklessness on I-40 in Conway County. The driver in this case was not apprehended, but the Arkansas Times has learned that Lt. Gov. Mark Darr, another Republican, has a white pickup with a license plate that says "2." Darr himself is lying low. The gangster Bugsy Siegel is supposed to have said of himself and his kind, "We only kill each other." If these irresponsible Republican scofflaws could say the same, we'd gladly tell them to step on it. Unfortunately, they endanger law-abiding people too.

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