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Good week for public hyprocrisy


It was a good week for...

PUBLIC HYPOCRISY. Sen. Bruce "Fireball" Holland (R-Greenwood), who once led a Perry County deputy in a high-speed chase across two counties, served as the guest of honor at Mansfield High School in Fort Smith for a ceremony awarding a grant for safe driving.

CRUSHED HOPES RIDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF A TEEN-AGER. The latest phenom on whom the Hog faithful had invested dreams of pigskin paradise — Dorial Green-Beckham of Springfield, Mo. — announced he'll take his football receiving talents to his home state's University of Missouri.

A NEW LOW. The Democrat-Gazette editorial page hit a new low Tuesday in its opposition to an expanded veterans service center on Main Street. It compared the Department of Veterans Affairs with an authoritarian Germany and parroted Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola's characterization of the move as an "idiotic idea," considering it would be across the street from a liquor store and on Main Street just as it's "getting its groove back." Take a visit to the deplorable location on Confederate Boulevard that Stodola and the D-G seem to think is just a fine place to dump the veterans and remember them and U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin when they trot out the tear-stained tributes to troops on Memorial Day.

It was a bad week for...

REP. JOHN BURRIS. Already on record supporting a statement Mitt Romney has repudiated — about lack of concern for the very poor because of their "safety net" — the Republican minority leader doubled down, telling Talk Business, "We've got to change the way we do business in Arkansas. The real problem, the real solution to get people off Medicaid rolls is to give them a job, make them able to self-sustain themselves without government assistance." Never mind that most Medicaid recipients are nursing home residents, the disabled and children.

REP. JUSTIN HARRIS. The West Fork state representative and owner of the Growing God's Kingdom preschool, which receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from the state through the Arkansas Better Chance program, said he wants his colleagues in the legislature to block a proposed Department of Human Services rule that disallows religious activity during the day at organizations that receive ABC funds.

GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY IN ARKANSAS. Governing magazine, in reporting that federal stimulus programs have generally resulted in improved access to government spending data, includes a nationwide rating on online access to state spending that gives Arkansas and six other states a big fat F. Arkansas passed an "online checkbook" law in 2011. It is scheduled to go online July 1.

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