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Good week for Freedom of Information


It was a good week for...

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION. Judge Wendell Griffen ordered the Little Rock police department to turn over "use of force" documents concerning Lt. David Hudson. Hudson was filmed on video while working as a private security guard at Ferneau restaurant. He repeatedly hit a customer, Chris Erwin, in the face. The city earlier had contended it had provided Erwin's lawyer all it was required to provide under the Freedom of Information Act. According to Griffen's order, Hudson has prepared such reports four times, including in the beating of Erwin.

PULASKI COUNTY EMPLOYEES. They're due cost of living increases up to 5 percent. The increases will correspond to employees' longevity.

It was a bad week for...

THE ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS. After climbing to number 3 in the BCS standings, a position that afforded a window into the national championship game, the football Hogs were beaten soundly by LSU in Baton Rouge, 41-17. To add insult to injury, CBS cameras caught Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino cursing at LSU coach Les Miles for, presumably, running up the score. Petrino's frustration was understandable, though it doesn't excuse his behavior.

GEESE. The North Little Rock City Council passed an ordinance to allow shooting Canada geese in Burns Park, where their excrement has become a nuisance on the golf course and soccer fields, on three days, Dec. 20-22.

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