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UCA President Lu Hardin's agitation over Conway residents wearing red and calling the Hogs instead of donning purple and doing bear stuff is only natural, but writing fretful letters to the Chamber of Commerce will not improve matters. People don't like to be told who to cheer for, and the Razorbacks are the top priority for football fans in every town in Arkansas, except one.

When professional teams see a lack of support, they go elsewhere. If Hardin wants less Razorback enthusiasm distracting his own favorite team, he should move the Bears to Springdale. (He'd probably have to move the whole campus in order for the team to retain its collegiate eligibility. He might have to change the name.) Springdale is the one Arkansas city that has turned against the Razorbacks, fans there believing that former Springdale High School football players and coaches were insufficiently appreciated at Fayetteville. We've heard Springdale fans say they've already switched allegiance, from the UA to the University of Tulsa, where the former Springdale and UA coach is now employed. But there can't be much satisfaction in that. We saw the OU-Tulsa game on television. Golden Hurricane, indeed.

If UCA left Conway, two colleges would remain, and one of them, Hendrix, used to play football. The once-were-Warriors could suit up again to meet whatever demand might be left for college football in Conway. Theirs would be a small, slow, rather timid team, probably, but socially aware, and surely there's a place for that. The Sustainability Bowl, the Tolerance Bowl, the Civility Bowl, something on that order.


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