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Give them the boot

by and


Little Rockers will find out now whether the scofflaws in our midst are also scoffboots. We're betting they'll be scared straight.

Losing $427,000 a year in unpaid parking fines, the city government has begun immobilizing the vehicles of people who won't pay their parking tickets. Good show! Those who pay a monthly fee for downtown parking space have no sympathy for those who expect to get it for free, wherever it's convenient for them. Many of the promiscuous parkers are lawyers, who explain that they're too busy twisting the law to their financial advantage to have time to comply with it themselves. One of them will probably file a whiny lawsuit — unavailingly, we hope. There are many worthwhile uses to which the city can apply the funds that are now being stolen.

Fifty years ago, Little Rock endured a great conflict in which the rule of law eventually prevailed over mockers. We can do it again. There probably won't be as many speeches delivered or books written this time.

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