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Give the Gift of Health for Father’s Day

Pulaski County Health Unit Promotes Men’s Health



Press Release

Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services

(Little Rock--) Father’s Day is a good time for men to think about their health and consider how important maintaining their health is to their families. On Monday June 12, the Pulaski County Central Health Unit, Pine and Cedar Exit I-630, will be providing visitors with information on men’s health issues.

To promote good health, men are encouraged to eat nine fruits and vegetables each day, and to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity.
· Fruits and vegetables are low in fat and calories and high in vitamins, minerals and fiber.
· Eating fruits and vegetables plays a role in reducing the risk of many cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.
· Men have approximately 1½ times the death rate of cardiovascular disease and cancer as women.
· African American men have a greater chance of developing or dying from certain diet-related chronic diseases and eat only three servings of fruit and vegetables a day on the average.

Being physically active is an important element in living a longer, healthier and happier life. Regular physical activity can help you to:
· Manage your weight
· Build and maintain bones, muscles and joints
· Increase flexibility
· Relieve stress
· Increase your fitness level

Other ways men can improve their health status are by avoiding tobacco products and getting regular check-ups and health screenings.

So this Father’s Day honor your dad, or grandfather, or uncle or big brother with a basket of fresh fruit and plan some family fun that will get you all outdoors and moving.

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