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Gift that keeps giving


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In response to the May 8 Arkansas Blog post, "Charter assault, fueled by Walton money, continues on Little Rock School District":

I see that one proposed charter is to occupy a school building leased from the Waltons, a return on a real estate investment, unless the building was given to them — then it's a gift that keeps on giving. A charter school proposed for Wiener.

For 400 students, this must be a total public school conversion that would push the current system into bankruptcy. Who thinks this is a good idea?

Going for the record

What is the Walton/Hussman/Murphy endgame? Kill universal mandatory public education and replace it with "privatized" for-profit schools with their company in charge? I just want to know, because their cheerleading for the death of public education puzzles me.

Claude Bahls

A "college prep" K-5? So they're gonna enroll 'em in college at about age 12? 

(Yeah, I know on exceedingly rare occasions that's happened here and there, if not in Arkansas to my knowledge.)

So what's wrong with building a good educational foundation for this age group and getting them ready for junior high and high school?


Profit centers expanding in Little Rock. Name them after Einstein, Tesla, etc. They are still profit centers with an education component/distractor.


Look, Little Rock, the only way you are going to get your school board back is by reaching out to the surrounding populous areas of Central Arkansas and voting out the governor. 

Sure, increase the turnout in NLR/LR, but get out and support progressive networks in Saline, Faulkner and Perry counties. Offer to help those networks. After losing quite a few elections, they need a boost for 2018. It will flip AR2 and flip the governor.


In response to the May 5 Arkansas Blog post, "Federal health bill would undercut governor's plan for altered Medicaid expansion":

What a convoluted mess the "Obamacare Repealers" or "Freedom for Males Caucus" have made out of their GOP NoHealthCare Plan. They should have expected Donald to be unpredictable and screw up their greedy, revenge plan. These people have lost their moral compass and their humanity if they can purposely let people die earlier than they need to. I am going to push the Arkansas Legislature for "Death with Dignity, or medical aid-in-dying" statutes that would allow certain terminally ill adults to request and obtain a prescription for medication to end their lives in a peaceful manner. That is why I think it would be illogical for the state to spend any more money on stopping the opioid epidemic. It would be the height of cruelty to pass terrible health care plans that will purposely kill off poor and sick people, because you think they are a liability, then sadistically make those people suffer in pain until the end. One good thing the GOP Slash, Cut, and Kill NoHealthCare Plan will do is help Democratic women win more seats in 2018.


If the families of !A!S!A!, Rotten Tommy Cotton, Miz Leslie and the like had to endure the same level of health insurance/care that the least among Arkansas Doesn't Work recipients did, that s**t would come to a screeching halt.

Sound Policy

Trump has promised better health care and lower premiums for all. Why isn't he being held to this? The plan of the Regressive Party will raise premiums on the elderly and the poor (they're not called Regressive for nothing). Obama got barbecued for promising something about his plan (keep your plan if wish). But his statement was largely accurate. The criticism was due to people wanting to hold on to their cheap paper-thin plans. Far from being accurate, Trump is just out and out lying. Why is it only the Democrats who are held accountable?

Slithey Tove

In response to the May 5 Arkansas Blog post, "Judge Griffen responds to judicial disciplinary complaint":

So, Sen. Jake Files for a second time makes the news for some questionable loans, not to mention being sued by multiple parties, including the City of Fort Smith, yet no action is being taken by the legislature to look into his conduct?

Wendell Griffen exercises his right to free speech and he is the one impeached by our state legislature?

And if you ARE going to impeach a judge, why this judge? If anyone should have been impeached it should have been Mike Maggio. He admitted he took a bribe. I bet he will still get to receive his retirement. So let's see, what is different about Griffen and Maggio?

Well, they are both male.

They are both lawyers.

They are both judges.

They are both black. Oops, not correct. Maggio is white and Griffen is black.

They both took bribes under the table from Michael Morton. Oops, wrong again. Only Maggio has taken a bribe from Morton. He admitted as such in open court. Griffen has no such stain on his judicial record. 

I give up. You all need to figure out why our supermajority Republican House of Representatives is persecuting Griffen, but remained silent during the entire Maggio scandal. 

People need to call the legislature and ask them when are they going to hold themselves and their members accountable when they do these bad things. These guys know no shame.

Poison Apple

I do not think there is any chance at all that Judge Griffen will be impeached. The hotheads like Sen. Trent Garner (R-El Dorado) will make a lot of noise, but the reasonable Republicans, and there are several of them in the legislature, know that there is no way an impeachment of someone because of their ideas (or in this case, I guess his ideals) would ever succeed, not even in the poison, racist climate we are currently seeing in Arkansas.


In response to the May 11 Arkansas Blog post that Circuit Judge William Pearson of Clarksville, who pleaded guilty to drunk driving and was given a six-month suspended sentence, was reinstate to the bench:

Judge convicted of a DWI — no problem letting them continue to be a judge. 

Judge accidentally forgets his child who dies in a hot car and eventually gets to go back to judging. 

Judge exercises his First Amendment right of free speech and religion must be impeached and removed from the bench.

In this you see the true illustration of Arkansas "values."

couldn't be better

In response to an Arkansas Blog post on the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department's proposal to widen Interstate 30:

A good conservative government should be limited to the minimum necessary to 1) tax the people, 2) redistribute their money to corporations, 3) receive contributions from the lobbyists of those corporations, and 4) portray opponents as hippy liberals.

Ivan the Republican

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