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Future to-dos: Movies in the Park



The ’80s were the halcyon days of the teeny-bop film. The decade’s screen teens were vapid, over/under sexed, ne’er-do-well cliché-spouters — but in a way that was exponentially smarter than their counterparts today. Director John Hughes probably deserves a lion’s share of the credit. In the middle of the decade, he helmed “Sixteen Candles,” “Weird Science,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” and perhaps his highpoint and arguably the genre’s, “The Breakfast Club.” The film tracks five high school archetypes — the jock, the nerd, the delinquent, the freak and the popular girl — through a long day of Saturday detention. Hilarity and self-discovery ensue.
Wednesday, June 6. Riverfest Amphitheatre. Free.

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