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Nearly half of the state legislators who will convene at the State Capitol on Jan. 14 for the start of the 89th General Assembly maintain Twitter accounts. By our count, that includes 53 state representatives and 19 state senators*. Subscribe to a Twitter list of all of them here. Any legislators we missed? Send a note to Below, see a sample of the sorts of weighty topics on which legislators Tweet.

*We've added to this list since it was initially published.

Arkansas Senators

Sen. Cecile Bledsoe, District 3: @Cecilebledsoe

Sen. Jonathan Dismang, District 28: @dismang

Sen. Joyce Elliott, District 31: @Joyce4Congress (inactive)

Sen. Jane English, District 34: @JaneEnglish2012

Sen. Bart Hester, District 1: @BartHester

Sen. Bruce Holland, District 6: @SenatorHolland

Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, District 33: @JeremyHSentate and @jyhutchinson (both inactive)

Sen. Keith Ingram, District 24: @KeithIngramAR

Sen. Missy Irvin, District 18: @ARSenMissyIrvin

Sen. Johnny Key, District 17: @SenatorJKey

Sen. Bryan King, District 5: @BryanBKing

Sen. Michael Lamoureux, District 16: @Sen_Lamoureux

Sen. Bruce Maloch, District 12: @bmaloch

Sen. Jason Rapert, District 35: @jasonrapert and @RapertSenate

Sen. David J. Sanders, District 15: @David_J_Sanders

Sen. Gary Stubblefield, District 6: @G_Stubblefield

Sen. Robert Thompson, District 20: @Thompson72450

Sen. Eddie Joe Williams, District 29: @eddiejoe4senate

Sen. Jon Woods, District 7: @Jon_Woods

Arkansas Representatives

Rep. Randy Alexander, District 88: @RepRandy88

Rep. Denny Altes, District 76: @DennyAltes

Rep. Eddie Armstrong, District 37: @EArmstrong2012

Rep. John Baine, District 7: @Baine4Arkansas and @johnbaine

Rep. Duncan Baird, District 96: @DuncanBaird

Rep. Bob Ballinger, District 97: @Bob_Ballinger

Rep. Nate Bell, District 20: @NateBell4AR

Rep. Mark Biviano, District 46: @MarkBiviano

Rep. Ken Bragg, District 15: @Bragg4StateRep

Rep. David L. Branscum, District 83: @DLBranscum

Rep. John Burris, District 98, @john_burris

Rep. Davy Carter, District 43, @DavyCarter

Rep. Ann Clemmer, District 23, @AnnClemmer

Rep. Charlie Collins, District 84, @CollinsARK and @elephantnews1

Rep. Harold Copenhaver, District 58, @VoteCopeAR58

Rep. Bruce Cozart, District 24, @RepBruceCozart

Rep. Andy Davis, District 31, @AndyDavis4HD31

Rep. Charlotte Vining Douglas, District 75, @douglas4ark

Rep. Joe Farrer, District 44: @Joe_Farrer

Rep. Deborah Ferguson, District 51, @Ferguson4Ark (no Tweets yet)

Rep. Charlene Fite, District 80, @charlenefitear

Rep. Bill Gossage, District 82, @BillGossage

Rep. Kim Hammer, District 28, @KimDavidHammer

Rep. Justin T. Harris, District 81, @harris4staterep

Rep. Douglas House, District 40, @house4thehouse

Rep. Lane Jean, District 2: @JeanForStateRep (inactive)

Rep. Joe Jett, District 56, @joe_jett

Rep. Patti Julian, District 38, @PattiJulian

Rep. Allen Kerr, District 32, @RepAllenKerr

Rep. David Kizzia, District 26, @DavidKizzia

Rep. Andrea Lea, District 71, @RepAndreaLea

Rep. Greg Leding, District 86, @G @gregleding

Rep. Kelley Linck, District 99, @KelleyLinck

Rep. Mark Lowery, District 39: @OnTheMark2012

Rep. James McLean, District 63: @RepJamesMcLean

Rep. David Meeks, District 70: @DavidMeeks

Rep. Stephen Meeks, District 67: @RepStephenMeeks

Rep. Josh Miller, District 66: @Josh_Miller66

Rep. Micah S. Neal, District 89, @MicahNeal2012

Rep. Jim Nickels, District 41: @NickelsJim (protected)

Rep. Terry Rice, District 21: @TerryRice6

Rep. Warwick Sabin, District 33, @warwicksabin

Rep. Matthew Shepherd, District 6: @Matt_J_Shepherd

Rep. Nate Steel, District 19: @Nate_Steel

Rep. Tommy Thompson, District 65: @tt4rep

Rep. Wes Wagner, District 54: @wagnerlawmanila

Rep. John W. Walker, District 34: @JohnWalker4rep inactive

Rep. Jeff Wardlaw, District 8: @texas0799 (Curious Twitter handle for someone who, according to his official bio, is a lifelong resident of Hermitage, Ark.)

Rep. Bruce Westerman, District 22: @bruce_westerman

Rep. David Whitaker, District 85: @arkansas3rd

Rep. Darrin Williams, District 36: @repwilliams

Rep. Richard Womack, District 18: @WomackRichard

Rep. Marshall Wright, District 49: @wright_marshall

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