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Five other movies to watch



Crawl, Walk, Run (2007) Fourteen veterans return from Iraq with amputations, brain injuries and traumas, and against long odds participate in 10 days of rafting, trekking and climbing through rugged terrain along the Colorado River.

The Riddle (2007) Former soccer hooligan turned actor Vinnie Jones plays against type as a London reporter, tracking a murder that involves a long-lost Charles Dickens novel (and Dickens ghost). Color us intrigued.

Jerabeck (2007) A long-view portrait of a Wisconsin family stuck in the tragedy of war after one son dies after nine months in Iraq and another prepares to enlist.

Cake Eaters (2007) Actor Mary Stuart Masterson makes her directorial debut in this oddball, ensemble drama that stars Bruce Dern.

The Zombie Diaries (2007) Brains! So what if this is territory that's been mined deep; you can never have too many zombie flicks. This one takes a “Cloverfield”-style home video approach.


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