News » The Week That Was

Feb. 20-26, 2008



It was a good week for …

COMEDY. Mike Huckabee went on a Saturday Night Live skit as the candidate who stayed for dinner. In real life, he vowed to stay in the presidential race and hope for a miracle.

DARREN MCFADDEN. The former Razorback running back impressed pro teams preparing for the draft with his blinding speed. Some said the performance could erase memories of McFadden's involvement in bar brawls. Ka-ching!

The LITTLE ROCK BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Several members continue to press a lawsuit again Pulaski County over jail operations. A lawsuit won't produce needed dollars. It will just spend them.

It was a bad week for …

The CATHOLIC DIOCESE OF ARKANSAS. It told Catholics not to participate in the Race for the Cure because the sponsors give some money to Planned Parenthood (which uses the money for breast-cancer screening).

ARKANSAS TECH. The school was condemned by the American Association of University Professors and received nationwide criticism for President Robert Brown's decision to stop production of the play “Assassins” because it included the firing of blank gunshots. He professed safety concerns in light of recent campus shootings. The news inspired reports about Brown's intervention in campus newspaper and radio operations, as well as long-standing friction with faculty.

CONTINUING HOSTILITIES. The University of Arkansas wants to put off a regular season football game with Texas from 2009 to 2014. The Hogs apparently would like to substitute an easier opponent, on account of a tough schedule.

HILLARY CLINTON. Little went right for her campaign as she slogged on to pivotal showdowns with Barack Obama in Texas and Ohio.

PUBLIC SAFETY. A legislative panel recommended easing building codes in earthquake zones to make them cheaper for developers. Corporate welfare now, everyone pays later.

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