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Farm poison


Few legislative measures produce such extensive and diverse opposition as a proposed amendment to the federal farm bill now before Congress. In this case, the opposition is richly deserved. The amendment is anti-consumer, anti-animal, anti-environment, anti-state-regulation-of-agricultural-practices, anti-just-about-everything-worth-being-for. The amendment is sponsored by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, a Tea Party favorite also known for his virulent anti-immigrant remarks. It would weaken government regulation for consumer protection, animal welfare, fire safety and other issues by dictating that no state can require any condition on the sale of any agricultural product that is stricter than that of the least restrictive state. Obviously, the amendment has no regard for states' rights and local government, things the Tea Party is supposed to care about. Opponents of the amendment, which is to say men and women of good will, should contact the members of their Congressional delegation immediately.

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