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The Arkansas Times has endorsed these candidates in the election Tuesday, June 8. All are running in the Democratic primary:

JOYCE ELLIOTT for U.S. representative from the Second Congressional District.

BILL HALTER for United States Senate.

MONTY DAVENPORT for state land commissioner.

JOHN W. WALKER, for the state House of Representatives, District 34.

WILANDRA DEAN for re-election to the Pulaski County Quorum Court, District 5.

Early voting is underway.

The closing days of a political campaign bring out the worst in bad people. Robbie Wills has unleashed his inner Tim Griffin, and that's about as worst as it gets.

Griffin is the far-right political opportunist and Karl Rove protege who has won the Republican nomination for the Second Congressional District seat, and who awaits the winner of the Democratic primary, either Wills or Joyce Elliott. Wills seems to have decided that people who admire Tim Griffin should get to vote for him Tuesday, not have to wait until November.

Wills has mailed a grotesque circular – grotesque for a Democratic primary, anyway – to voters in the Second District. He accuses Elliott of, among other things, wanting to "outlaw prayer in schools." He includes a photograph of a small child, hands clasped and eyes closed. He also includes three photographs of Elliott – there are none of Wills on Wills' flier – lest anyone forget that she is, you know, black. Neither Elliott nor Wills could outlaw prayer in schools if they did want, of course, and Elliott hasn't tried. She has resisted government-ordered prayer, which is to say she believes in freedom of religion, as is guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Wills says Elliott holds "extreme abortion views." He means that she supports the Roe v. Wade decision of the Unites States Supreme Court, which gave women some measure of control over their own bodies.

Finally, he says that Elliott has insufficiently protected "our gun rights." The "our" is an apparent reference to the National Rifle Association, a rich and reckless lobby group that is the only source for Wills' charge. He has essentially given up on winning real Democrats to his side. Joyce Elliott is the last person standing in the Democratic primary, and standing tall.

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